Earth-CARE cal-val activities

French research activities dedicated to the calibration/validation of Earth-CARE data were grouped according to the approach followed to obtain the validation data: 

ACTRIS-FRGround-based measurements from French atmospheric stations (P. Goloub, LOA)
VECARE, SPACECAREGround-based field campaigns Arctic (VECARE, G. Ancellet, LATMOS) and Antarctic (SPACECARE, C. Genthon, LMD)
MORECALVALMobile and airborne field campaigns (J. Delanoe, LATMOS)
BAIVECBalloons (J.-B. Renard, LPC2E)
STACCATO, MPPMonitoring of signal data quality through statistical analysis of ATLID (STACCATO, H. Chepfer, LMD) and MSI (MPP, N. Scott, LMD) data