EECLAT 2013 workshop – post-mortem

The EECLAT 2013 workshop took place between January 21st and 23rd, 2013 in Besse. Below is the final agenda, with links to the scientific presentations. You can also download all the presentations in a single zip file, if that’s how you roll. You will find here the meeting notes.

Thanks to all participants for braving the snow ! Also thanks to O. Jourdan, N. Montoux and all the people from LAMP who helped organize this meeting (especially to those who brought the video projector on tuesday…). Thanks to M. Seydi and S. Sportouch for helping with organizing the workshop.


dehors : ça caille.

Lundi 21 janvier

14h: Accueil

14h30 : Infos generales EECLAT. J. Delanoe, H. Chepfer

  • budget 2012: ce qui etait prevu, ce qui a ete engagé
  • retours des evaluations TOSCA et LEFE
  • infos CALIPSO, EarthCARE
  • CALIPSO-CloudSAT Science Meeting : 30 septembre au 4 octobre 2013 (NCAR, Boulder, USA)
  • debut de reflexion: post-EarthCARE, futur d’EECLAT

15h30 : T1 – Clouds at the regional scale

19h30 : diner

Mardi 22 janvier

9h : T2 – Clouds at the global scale

11h : pause

11h15 : T3 – Aerosols

12h30: dejeuner

16h : T0 – cal/val CALIOP IIR, T3, T4 – PSC, T5 – Radiative transfer tools, T6 – Airborne dataset for Earth-CARE

20h-21h: Repas

Mercredi 23 janvier

8h15 : T7 – Lidar IPRAL: IPSL Hi-Performance multi-wavelength Raman Lidar for Cloud Aerosol Water Vapor Research. M. Haeffelin

9h-12h : Discussions autour de la suite du projet.